Bio Balanced Organics Ltd

The Creation

Bio Balanced Organics Ltd. came about from a shared passion for Public Health and Health Education. As a kid growing up on the East side of Cleveland, Ohio; I witnessed a high percentage of my community suffering from diabetes, hypertension, organ failure, stress-related illnesses, and other ailments that are a direct correlation to poverty and nutrition. At that time, I was unaware of the meaning of a food desert, how food deserts are directly connected to impoverished living environments. 

It was not until my studies as an Anthropology Major, focusing on Biology at The University of Akron that I was able to gain knowledge on what exactly was happening in the community I lived in and loved. During my undergraduate studies, I had started to suffer from severe migraines due to stress, my lack of proper nutritional knowledge. After multiple tests, procedures, medications that did not work, I turned to the internet.  

One day while searching YouTube I had stumbled across Dr. Sebi, an herbalist from Honduras; his teachings and ability to address illness from a holistic perspective was just what I had needed. He has influenced my transition to a plant-based lifestyle, and into an herbal lover. After learning about Dr. Sebi I started taking courses geared towards creating healthy living environments for myself and my peers. 

Successfully passing courses such as Anthropology of Food, Anthropology of Water, Biology of Life, and Stress Management I have been able to create a way to balance your health along with proper nutritional intake. Being the second oldest of 10, losing my grandfather to diabetes, grandmother to asthma, and my uncle to an AIDS-related illness; I set out to understand how Healthcare, Nutrition, and Education are all important to bridge the gap between Heath Disparities. My goal was and is to create a Brand that represents & advocates for every person on the planet working towards achieving Optimal Health & Wellness.

After completing my undergraduate studies, I returned to Cleveland, Ohio where I started my Public Health career as a Community Engagement Coordinator for a NON-Profit Organization: 1 of 1,500 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) across The United States. I have planned and implemented health fairs, educational programming, community events, volunteered for over 2000 hours, and worked directly with the Homeless and underprivileged communities to bridge the Healthcare gap.

​I have had the opportunity to connect over 1,000 patients with community and health professionals, as well as educate them on the fundamentals of nutrition, proper exercise, healthy sexual behavior, and mental health awareness & advocacy. I have assisted with and created over 150 health fairs that included partnerships with organizations such as The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, United States Correctional Institutions, Cleveland Municipal School District, Cleveland Public Library, Metro Health Systems, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and The Ohio Department of Health, Recovery Resources, and many more. After working directly with these organizations, I realized that I could fully recognize the issues that face those who are marginalized and living in poverty and will work diligently to better the lives of everyone WE ENCOUNTER!

About Bio Balanced Organics

Organic, wildcrafted, Kosher, non-GMO & Fairtrade

All products are sourced 100% organic, Tested for quality, certified Kosher, and non-GMO!

Certified Suppliment

100% organic supplements derived from 100% organic herbs created for optimal health.


3rd Party Tested

All herbs are lab tested for the best-proven quality. Kosher, Fair Trade, and Certified Organic.

Best Quality

We strive to provide the best quality products, and services every time.

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